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Ancient Device Makes Aiming a Satellite Dish Easy

An ingenious Seattle designer has applied an ancient technology to solve a modern high-tech problem: aiming a satellite dish. The newly patented invention uses the principles of a sundial to let the sun help a person aim any directional antenna.

"This makes aiming a satellite dish remarkably easy," says the inventor Richard Pauli. It usually takes a compass, protractor, cellular phone, electric power and a willing helper to aim a dish, and most people pay professionals to do the job. Says Pauli, "Now anyone can do this. All it takes is two settings on the device and a few seconds of sunshine".

Pauli first thought of using the venerable sundial while looking for a quick and easy alternative to the confusion of aiming a dish. He wanted an aiming method that his mother or a 10 year old child could use. Pauli says he was amazed that it hadn't been done before. With this device, called SunDial Setupô, a person aims their dish by moving it until the sun's shadow meets a mark on the dish. "It's like setting a sundial to the time of day." says Pauli.

SunDial Setup mounts easily on the face of the dish and looks like a hinged stick with marks on it. The shadowcaster is set to the angles between the sun and the proper aim for the satellite dish. The two settings for the Sundial Setup device are calculated by software and are valid only for a specific satellite, date, time and location. The user sets the device and then moves the dish so the shadow meets the mark on the face of the dish - then the dish is properly aimed. "The entire process takes about a minute," claims Pauli. "And since no electricity is needed, it is safer." he adds.

SunDial Setup, for which software is under development, is optimized when pre-installed on a dish, and Pauli is in discussion with several leading dish manufacturers. But there is also a strong after-market for the device. "It can allow anyone under the sun to re-aim an existing dish quickly, safely and accurately ."

"I devised SunDial Setup for anyone to use," says Pauli. "What was once a difficult, daunting, potentially costly task, is now easy, intuitive and amazingly inexpensive."

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